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Are you afraid of the dark?? Have you ever been hunted by a man-eating rat? Do you know how it feels to be trapped in a maze with twisted torture victims? Welcome to the Ghost Out-Post Haunted House, where you will be forced to face your fears!!

Begin your adventure with the gut-wrenching demise of the Executioner.  Continue past the victims and evil creatures lurking in the dark.  Beware of Williard the Rat, Death Support, Hellhound, Vortex Room, Barrel Eel and the 13 other bone chilling chambers!!

Not for the timid!  With chambers enhanced YEARLY, the Ghost Out-Post Haunted House will both thrill and amuse you.  If you are looking for fun and fright, your great Dells Adventure starts right here!!!

Please contact us at (608) 254-2127 or info@ghostoutpost.com.



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